About MBN Membership

Becoming a Member of MBN

The Metropolitan Business Network recruits Members throughout the year and is always interested in dynamic individuals who are committed to the ideals of business and personal growth and participation.

Prior to attending an MBN meeting, guests must be sponsored by a current member and invited by the MBN Administrator to attend a meeting. After confirming that guests are not a conflict with current members, the MBN Administrator invites guests to attend an MBN meeting as either an observing guest or a presenting guest for a mutually agreed meeting date.

Membership Process Next Steps/ Admissions Process

After attending a full membership meeting as a presenting guest, guests interested in pursuing membership will also need to meet with the MBN members for "house calls" as you explore membership in the MBN. This will allow you the opportunity to meet the members, learn about their business, introduce yours and help you determine the benefits of MBN membership for you.

You will need to arrange informal meetings, on a one-on-one basis, with several members of the Network as well as with members of our Board of Directors, who are responsible for reviewing and approving membership applications. This will allow you to better assess the viability of future membership by learning more about MBN members and their businesses.

Note: Membership is in no way guaranteed and the Board of Directors must approve all applications for membership. If approved for membership the applicant must submit a corporate check for the full amount of the dues, which constitutes one year's membership dues, plus a one-time initiation fee.

The Board of Directors reviews each new membership application. Annual renewal of membership isnot automatic and is also subject to a rigid review and evaluation process.

Guidelines for Membership

1. Metropolitan Business Network Representatives

All member firms are required to have a Primary representative to the MBN. In addition, we urge all member companies to have one Associate member representative as well. Both individuals should be owners, partners, or senior executives and should be able to articulate an in-depth knowledge of their firm's products and/or services, possess high-level contacts, be relationship oriented, and committed to the group's goals and objectives.

2. Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Primary members have the obligation to attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the MBN. We reinforce this fundamental precept of MBN not on the basis of principle but on the basis of history. You will not reap the rewards of network membership if you are not present, visible, and working with the group.

3. Member Companies are Not Competitive

Critical to the success of our group is collaboration, not competition. Each member firm must define their business scope when joining the Network. Guests whose business might be seen as conflicting with those of an existing member may be asked to meet with that member and/or members of the Board prior to being considered for membership in the Network.

4. Dual Membership in Other Manhattan-Based Networks is Prohibited

Primary and Associate members of the Metropolitan Business Network cannot retain memberships in other Manhattan-based networks that are constructed in a parallel manner to MBN and are strictly for business development purposes. We believe that such dual memberships, in the same geographic area, dilute commitment to our group, and more importantly, jeopardize the confidentiality of information shared among members. However, memberships in professional associations and Boards which are not constructed in a parallel manner to the MBN are encouraged, since they can broaden the scope of everyone's relationship and benefit our members individually and as a group.

Note: This restriction does not apply to other partners or senior staff members in larger firms; however, we do request that caution is exercised when sharing information gleaned in MBN with your colleagues who are members of other Networks.

Statement of Ethical Responsibility

(Drafted and adopted by the membership)

I. Commitment: Business Development

Members are committed to provide each other with qualified leads, business information, and business development opportunities, and to provide the highest possible quality products and service to members and their referrals, at a fair market price.

II. Commitment: Highest Standard of Care

Members promise to act affirmatively in each other's best interests; to act honestly and ethically; to provide the highest possible level of personal care in both contracting and performing business for members and members' referrals.

III. Commitment: Communications

Members promise to maintain confidentiality regarding leads and business activities of other members, and to maintain close and clear communications with other members during the exchange of leads, business information or opportunities.

IV. Commitment: Value-Added Through Networking

Members are committed to giving and receiving value to the Network and its members, and therefore, are not obligated to reciprocate for any single lead or business opportunity provided to them. A member is prohibited from monetarily compensating another member for a lead provided or a business opportunity gained through the Metropolitan Business Network

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